Developing animal-free dairy products for the Latin American market


Latin American consumers are increasingly looking to vegan and lactose-free dairy alternatives, according to a recent report from research group Innova Market Insights. Across the region, customers are looking for dairy products that are free from all animal-based ingredients, with sales of products from alternate dairy sources quadrupling during the past four years.

Alternate dairy sources

Alternative flavours such as coconut, prove popular with consumers looking for yoghurts and milk alternatives that offer a similar creamy taste and mouthfeel to lactose-based products, with the added benefit of meeting with alternative dietary requirements.   

At Tate & Lyle we understand the need to develop your product range to meet consumer trends and requirements, and our extensive ingredients solutions portfolio can help meet with your needs. Our diverse ingredient portfolio can be used in combination with a variety of flavours, helping you to position your products for the vegan and plant-based dairy market.

Our non-GMO CLARIA® Functional Clean-Label Starches label simply as starch yet have the process tolerance necessary for various applications. CLARIA®  Starches can be used to produce creamy, clean-label yoghurts, with the added benefit of clean labelling. Waxy corn-based CLARIA® starches thicken, providing a pudding-like texture in plant based yoghurts. Tapioca-based CLARIA® Bliss thickens and sets to a soft gel, ideal for use in dairy applications that require a clean or delicate taste.

Just another extraordinary example of how our expertise can help meet with growing market trends.

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