Becoming a food hero


More than three billion people (almost 40% of the world’s population) cannot afford to eat a healthy diet. That’s a staggering number to consider and as more than 150 countries come together to celebrate #WorldFoodDay on 16 October it’s easy to feel daunted by the challenges facing us.

The spirit of #WorldFoodDay, however, is to bring our best thinking to the global table and lean into #ZeroHunger by taking action in meaningful ways – each step (big or small) leading us towards a healthier, sustainable, more accessible, hunger-free future.

World Food Day

Feeding communities, students and our understanding

We recognise there isn’t one right answer to address the hunger equation of access, affordability, nutrition and sustainability in our local communities. That’s why we combine our resources, our expertise, and our service alongside local hunger experts to understand, support, and help guide positive changes in food and nutrition in the communities we call home.

So what does our hunger action look like? Through our Tate & Lyle in the Community Programme, we champion local, collaborative, and responsive efforts to address key emerging community needs.

Here’s an inside look at our hunger-based work

Access: Food bank partnerships

We are proud to support more than 25 local food bank partners worldwide through donation drives, meal packs, and corporate support. Last year we were able to provide more than 1.5 million meals when and where they were most needed.

Student health and nutrition: School meals and nutrition programmes

We know the foundation of student success starts with having enough nutritious food to eat. Through supplemental health and nutrition programmes like Healthy Eating, Happy Learning (Hebei and Hubei provinces, China) and Food 4 Thought (Hoffman Estates, IL, US); to backpack and school pantry support (Dayton, OH; Loudon, TN, McIntosh, AL, US), and our Vaquitas Lecheras and Las Familias daily meal provisions (Buenos Aires, Argentina), we’re helping students of all ages and their families to grow and thrive inside and outside of the classroom.

World Food Day Sedi Laka school

Food production and sustainability: Sustainable gardens

In a number of our home locations, we support community or school gardens – projects that benefit our communities in two ways. Firstly, they provide seasonal access to fresh fruit and vegetables. Secondly, they create a learning pathway, in which we can share and exchange agriculture best practice as well as important skills for life. Our most recent garden projects include projects with NPS Nuestros Pequeños Hermanos (Mexico City, Mexico), Food and Tress for Africa / Sedi Laka Primary School (Kya Sands, South Africa), and Fundación Dar Esperanza (Cali, Colombia).

Employee awareness, education and volunteerism

We know change begins from the inside out and we’re proud that our colleagues across our global business regularly volunteer and support our community hunger partners. Their personal commitment ensures we grow and share in our awareness and understanding of key issues and movements around food security, food waste, and potential new ways to help improve our local communities.

World Food Day Cali Colombia

Three quick actions you can take to be a food hero this #WorldFoodDay:

  1. Do your research. Research your local hunger partner to find out more about the state of hunger in your community and how they are addressing the need.
  2. Donate your extra dollars or items. Donate the money you would spend on a special coffee or lunch out to a food bank or pantry partner or buy an extra can, box, or bag of nutritious, shelf-stable food for drop off.
  3. Consider your food waste. Reduce your food waste by using up leftovers or expiring produce in new and creative recipes. Research best storage practices to ensure your food items last until you are ready to use them.


Learn more about our purpose, Improving Lives for Generations, and our targets of preventing hunger, improving nutrition, encouraging balanced lifestyles and more, here.

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