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One million reasons to give back


This February, we were proud to share a second round of support for COVID-19 emergency meals with our 25+ food banking and charitable partners across the globe. With this donation, we’ve helped to provide an estimated total of one-million meals in the past year!

1 million meals

Our donation has been welcomed by food banks who have told us that they need help to keep the feeding and support going.

Staying connected has never been more important

"We’ve stayed connected with our local charitable partners across COVID-19 and have been honored to serve alongside them," says Jennifer Walker, Director, Global Community Relations. "They’ve truly brought the best of partnership, creativity and resourcefulness to bear - all with the utmost concern for the safety and accessibility of those in need and their own staff and volunteers."

In a ‘normal year’ our community support would be two-fold, including a donation along with hands-on volunteerism to help put the partnership in action. While we couldn’t be there in person in many cases, our teams kept the giving going in line with local safety guidance. This homegrown outreach saw our teams hosting on-site food and health essentials drives, volunteering to pack and deliver meals, calling on homebound seniors and more.

"I get so much more than I give each time I volunteer," shares Mervyn De Souza, VP, Health and Wellness and steadfast Tate & Lyle volunteer. "My family is blessed to be able to personally give back as well as partner with the Health & Wellness R&D team and other like-minded Tate & Lyle colleagues who share this passion for service and want to be a positive force in our communities."

"Each time we reach out and connect through our community projects, I learn more. More about my own community and how I can be a part of moving it forward," explains Mayra Espinosa, Customer Service Manager, Latin America. "I'm proud to support organisations and projects alongside my Tate & Lyle colleagues which help others to live better now and in years ahead."

Your support has never been more vital to us! In the first six months of the pandemic, the food banks in our network gave out a staggering 1.2 million food parcels. That’s one food parcel every 13 seconds, and 2,600 food parcels were given to children every day on average.

Trussel Trust, London, UK

I am blown away by Tate & Lyles' generosity. I am delighted to let you know that with Tate & Lyle's donation, you are providing 15,000 meals to our hungry East Tennessee neighbours.

Second Harvest East Tennessee, Loudon, TN, US

Your contribution has helped us tremendously in serving the underprivileged and those affected by the Covid-19 situation. The underprivileged are hit the hardest as they were first to either lose their jobs or have a pay cut. In the coming year, we are looking at finding creative and alternative ways to maximise the difference we can make.

Singapore Food Bank, Singapore

While we all recognise it’s been a hard year in countless ways, we remain inspired and hopeful alongside our community partners and colleagues for what’s possible in the new year ahead.

Community volunteers

Building Thriving Communities

As a part of our purpose of Improving Lives for Generations and our focus on building thriving communities we aim to have provided over 3 million nutritious meals for people in need by 2025.