Animal nutrition product recognised for low CO2 footprint by Dutch dairy body


Tate & Lyle’s animal nutrition product CORNGOLD® Corn Gluten Feed has been recognised by the Dutch Dairy and Feed industry body as a product with a low CO2 footprint. For this reason, the product is now also of interest to local farmers partaking in the ‘Planet Proof’ project, an independent quality label for sustainable food.

Field of cows in front of a golden sunset

As part of its Dairy Sustainability Project, Kringloopwijzer (which translates as ‘Sustainability Compass’) the Dutch Dairy and Feed Industry is supporting local farmers to understand and minimise their environmental impact, including through the use of more sustainably-produced materials on-farm. To this end, the industry body has ranked animal feed products to signpost farmers to more sustainably-produced options.

CORNGOLD® Corn Gluten Feed, a multi–nutrient product for cattle, was assessed to establish the emissions produced during production, and found to have a comparatively low emissions ranking, making it a good choice for sustainability-minded farmers.

Ard Van Houte, Global VP Co-products and Feed Ingredients at Tate & Lyle, said: “Our animal feed products use parts of the corn kernel that aren’t needed for the food and beverage ingredients we produce, but retain much of the fibre, proteins, vitamins and minerals, making them a valuable source of nutrition. For this reason, these products are valued by our dairy customers for the high yields and top-quality produce they help deliver, and we are pleased that CORNGOLD® Corn Gluten Feed has now been recognised for the added benefits of enabling more sustainable farming.”

Anna Pierce, Director of Sustainability at Tate & Lyle, added: “Like our customers, we take sustainability very seriously and work to source and produce our products with minimal environmental impact. Producing animal nutrition co-products is one of the ways we are delivering our purpose – Improving Lives for Generations – and caring for our planet, as they support the delivery of one of our recently announced environmental commitments, which is to use 100% of our waste beneficially by 2030. By providing these nutrient-rich products to farming communities, we avoid waste to landfill, help to create nutritious products, and provide a source of revenue for our business. This is a great example of sustainability and purpose at work in our business.”

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