STASIZE™ Modified Starch

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Introduction to STASIZE™ Modified Starch
Also known as
Modified starch, acid modified corn starch

STASIZE™ Modified Starch is anacid-modified corn starch used in warp-sizing of coarse-to-medium count spun yarns composed of cellulosic/synthetic fibre blends, or in all cellulosic fibre. STASIZE™ Modified Starch cooks out more readily than underivatised starches.

STASIZE™ Modified Starch is available in:
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  • United States
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  • North America

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STASIZE™ Modified Starch application areas

STASIZE™ Modified Starch is non-congealing at normal sizing concentrations and is easily formulated with typical size additives.

Use STASIZE™ Modified Starch in your textile and ceramic products.

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STASIZE™ Modified Starch is a premium-quality hydrophobic starch product, designed to impart grease and oil resistance to paper while providing surface strength, smoothness, printability and porosity control.

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