CORNPRO® Corn Gluten Meal

CORNPRO® Corn Gluten Meal is a multifunctional high protein ingredient.

Introduction to CORNPRO® Corn Gluten Meal
Also known as
Animal feed

CORNPRO® Corn Gluten Meal is a multifunctional high protein ingredient. A good source of the amino acid methionine (2,4 g/100g protein) CORNPRO® Corn Gluten Meal is ideally suited to complement other common protein sources, such as soybean meal. 

CORNPRO® is low in ash, potassium and sodium, and contains natural yellow / orange pigments (about 200 ppm xanthophylls) such as zeaxanthin and lutein. These xanthophylls have an important role as natural antioxidants. Easy to digest, with low mineral content and non–allergenic proteins, CORNPRO® Corn Gluten Meal is ideal for use in a broad range of high quality animal feeds.

CORNPRO® is available as a yellow powder and as a yellow / orange granulate.

CORNPRO® Corn Gluten Meal is available in:
2 Regions
  • North America
  • Europe, Middle East and Africa

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CORNPRO® Corn Gluten Meal applications

Dairy cattle require a nutrient-rich feed. To achieve their production potential, the animals require additional energy and protein components in their feed.

CORNPRO® Corn Gluten Meal contains a naturally high bypass protein level (74% rumen bypass protein) and a high metabolisable energy level (13.6MJ/kg), improving milk and milk protein yields from your dairy cattle.

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Corn is a basic ingredient of most poultry feeds. CORNPRO® Corn Gluten Meal is an excellent source of amino acids, providing protein and energy in the feed ration. CORNPRO® Corn Gluten Meal contains natural yellow/orange pigments (xanthophylls), an effective natural colour source for organic broilers and egg yolks.

Low in potassium (K) and sodium (Na), CORNPRO® Corn Gluten Meal has a positive effect on reducing wet litter in broiler and turkey flocks.

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CORNPRO® Corn Gluten Meal is an excellent source of amino acids providing energy and protein in the feed ration.

Low in potassium (K) and sodium (Na), CORNPRO® Corn Gluten Meal has a high metabolisable energy content). It is easy to digest, and ideal for use in piglet diets.

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Fish have a high requirement for energy and protein in their feed. Fishmeal has historically been the main ingredient of fish feed, but with the increased demand for high-quality protein concentrates, it has become scarce. Nutritionists have identified CORNPRO® Corn Gluten Meal as an excellent protein and energy source, balancing the protein and amino acid requirements of fish feed.

With no anti-nutritional factors, a low mineral content and high energy level, CORNPRO® Corn Gluten Meal provides concentrated protein for salmon, trout, sea bass and bream diets.

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Cats and dogs require high quality, well-balanced diets. Cats have higher protein needs and very specific mineral requirements.

CORNPRO® Corn Gluten Meal is a high quality protein source used in cat and dog foods for its nutritional and physical properties. Its naturally high methionine content is not only a necessity for a cat’s metabolism, but it can also improve coat quality and sheen.

CORNPRO® Corn Gluten Meal has a low mineral content and no antinutritional factors, making it an ideal protein source for use in dry pet foods. CORNPRO® Corn Gluten Meal naturally provides the lighter/orange colour preferred in pet foods. It is a very useful ingredient for use in extruded pet food.

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Inclusion levels in feed (%)

Animal Type CORNPRO
Ruminants 2-5
Calves 2-5
Pigs/sows 2-5
Piglets 2-5
Poultry Broiler 2-10
Poultry Layer 2-10
Aquaculture 10-25
Pets 10-25
Mink 10-25


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