Animal nutrition

Understanding Animal Nutrition

We supply animal feed ingredients to meet with your feed product requirements, optimising animal productivity with a balanced diet. The right balance of fibre, proteins, vitamins and minerals is essential to keep them at their best.

Building long-term relationships is essential, as are good price, reliability and excellent service. We strive to deliver top quality products to our customers. By cooperating with both our customers and our production facilities we produce and adjust products to deliver optimal results.
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Understanding our Industry

Understanding our Industry

Corn wet milling is the process by which we take corn (maize) to manufacture ingredients used by millions of people around the world each day. During this process, none of the corn is wasted – every part of every kernel is used in some way to produce the quality ingredients that our customers want. 

We use two types of corn: dent and waxy. Dent corn is the most common, and is used to make high fructose corn syrup, food starch, ethanol and animal feed. Waxy corn is used primarily for creating stabilisers, thickeners and emulsifiers for the food industry.


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As herbivores, ruminants’ diets are composed of plant material. To achieve their production potential (meat or milk), as well as feeding on good quality forage (grass, corn silage or hay), animals benefit from the addition of energy and protein components to their feed. Our highly digestible ingredients containing energy, protein and fibre can be included in a wide variety of ruminant feeds.

Poultry require high levels of nutrients for growth and/or egg production. Poultry diets are usually based on corn. Our corn-based feed ingredients contribute to poultry’s high energy and protein needs, while their natural pigments provide good colouring for organic broilers and egg yolks. Our feed ingredients are a cost-effective means of providing the high-quality, nutrient rich, corn-based diet your poultry require.

As monogastric animals, feed quality and intestinal health are important in pigs. Our feed ingredients provide energy, protein, starch, and vitamins and minerals for growth, as well as the fibre and organic acids needed for a healthy, efficient digestive system.

Pets require high quality, well-balanced diets. Pets have higher protein and energy requirements than that those of most farm animals. Cats in particular have very specific mineral requirements. Our feed ingredients provide the high protein and methionine levels required in cat diets, while keeping mineral levels at a necessary low level. Our corn-based ingredients provide the lighter yellow/orange colour preferred in pet foods.

Our ingredients are an ideal protein and energy source for fish, complimenting and replacing part of the fishmeal component of fish feed. With no anti-nutritional factors, a low mineral content and high energy level, we can provide concentrated protein for salmon, trout, sea bass and bream diets.

CORNPRO® Corn Gluten Meal is a high–quality, concentrated source of protein for cattle, poultry, pets and fish 

CORNPRO® Corn Gluten Meal is essentially corn gluten meal, the dried residue from the kernel after the larger part of the starch and germ has been extracted and the bran separated during the wet milling process.

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CORNGOLD® Corn Gluten Feed concentrates the goodness of corn into a multi–nutrient product for cattle, pigs, poultry and pets. 

CORNGOLD® Corn Gluten Feed is essentially corn gluten feed, the part of the kernel that remains after the larger portion of the starch, gluten and germ has been extracted during wet milling. 

Moist CORNGOLD® Corn Gluten Feed can be ensiled at the farm, for use in on-farm dairy and beef feed rations.

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CORNGERM® Corn Germ is a natural source of vegetable oil, and an excellent source of energy for poultry, ruminants, pigs and pets.  CORNGERM® Corn Germ is extracted from corn during the wet milling process.

CORNGERM® Corn Germ is sold to the oil crush industry for extraction of vegetable oils, and can also be used as an animal feed ingredient. It contains 45% oil which, due to the physical structure of the germ, is easy to include in animal feeds.

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CORNSTEEP® Concentrated Corn Steep Liquor is a liquid full of soluble corn nutrients used as a cost-effective source of protein for cattle, pigs, poultry and fish. 

CORNSTEEP® Concentrated Corn Steep Liquor contains the soluble fraction of the kernel which is extracted during the wet milling process. The liquid left after the starch, germ and gluten is separated out to produce CORNSTEEP®.

CORNSTEEP® Concentrated Corn Steep Liquor is only for sale from our Koog aan de Zaan plant, in the Netherlands.

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Nature's powerhouse

A kernel of corn is one of nature's powerhouses, packing protein, oil, fibre, starches and sugars into a tiny golden capsule. Through technology and ingenuity, we extract every gram of useful material, separating from the starch, the protein, germ and fibre, that then go on to form the core of our animal feed products.

Our tried and tested ingredients are a product of years of experience as a feed ingredient supplier, enabling you to create custom-feed solutions and products that meet the needs of livestock businesses.

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Benchmarking feed quality standards

We know how much you care about the quality of your animal nutrition: good quality feed means healthy, productive and valuable animals.

High standards matter when it comes to corn production; we only process corn from approved suppliers that meet our specific quality requirements; and our computer-controlled wet milling plants are carefully operated with numerous in-process and final product checks using a modern FTNIR (Fourier Transform Near Infrared spectroscopy) methodology.

We use specialist external testing labs to analyse trace components and to make sure that all processing and testing records are documented and auditable. Every plant is ISO 9001-2000/HACCP certified. Plants in the Netherlands and Slovakia are also EFISC (European Feed Ingredients Safety Certification) certified and conform to the one-third party Feed GMP (Good for Manufacturing Practices) scheme.

When it comes to quality, we never stand still, actively encouraging a culture of continuous improvement. This takes teamwork, focus and constant evaluation, but vital in making sure we continue to lead the way in customer satisfaction.

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