Reducing Our Water Use

Reducing water use

Corn wet milling is a water-intensive process, and water is, of course a shared resource, which means we need to ensure that our use of water is sustainable not only for ourselves, but the communities we operate in.

We have conducted a global water risk and opportunities assessment to inform our development of meaningful reduction projects to accomplish our first water use target.

By 2030, we’ll have reduced water use intensity by 15%.

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There are more details in our latest Annual Report

Find out how we progressed in the last year and our future commitments in our latest annual report.

Our 2018 data shows we have reduced the following since 2008:


Reduced energy use per tonne of production by 4.5%


Reduced CO2e emissions per tonne of production by 20.4%


Reduced water use per tonne of production by 1.7%


Reduced waste to landfill per tonne of production by 10.9%
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