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How we’re upcycling food waste into new proteins and ingredients

26 June 2020
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Company Stories
Proenrich tomato residue
How can we put olive, tomato, citrus fruit and rapeseed meal residue to good use? Our Application & Technical Service Centre in Mold, North Wales, UK, is on a three-year journey with Bangor University collaborating on a project to make practical use of leftover food waste.

Fibre enrichment can help save lives

25 June 2020
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Company Stories
fibre enrichment applications
Tate & Lyle’s new study shows the potential public health gains of adding more fibre to certain popular foods, including: More than doubling the number of young children in the UK getting the fibre they need each day 1 Enabling 52.5% more UK adults to consume the recommended amount of fibre 2 This...

Fuelling a sporty lifestyle: how do nutrition needs differ when you exercise a lot?

18 June 2020
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Company Stories
Sports nutrition cyclists
Good nutrition is essential to support an active lifestyle. Those who do a lot of sports or exercise have different nutritional needs compared with those who are less active. Here, we look at three key areas where an athlete or regular gym-goer’s nutritional needs differ from those of the general...

Tate & Lyle announces major sustainability investment at its facility in Lafayette South, Indiana, U.S., on World Environment Day

05 June 2020
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Lafayette South, Indiana
05 June 2020, London, UK: Tate & Lyle PLC, a leading global provider of food and beverage ingredients and solutions, is pleased to announce a US$75 million investment in a new natural gas-fired combined heat and power system to deliver significant environmental and economic benefits at its Lafayette...

How can I eat well during lockdown?

27 May 2020
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Company Stories
Eating well in lockdown - salad
Our dietary patterns are changing as we spend more time at home and inevitably more time in the kitchen. As the weeks pass we may find ourselves seeking recipe inspiration or looking for tips on efficient meal planning and grocery shopping or wondering if our new diets are healthy.

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