Technical expertise

Developing innovative new products requires  deep expertise, a disciplined process and outstanding facilities and equipment. Our customers benefit from our expertise, the knowledge and skill of external experts, cutting-edge labs and technology, pilot plants to test prototypes and a highly skilled team that understands both their market and their consumers.

Creating the products of the future at our Customer Innovation and Collaboration Centres

Research labs capability

Our labs are equipped with state-of-the-art equipment from standard analytical tools to microscopy, spectrometers, Rapid Visco Analysers and other advanced systems.


Applications labs

Our applications labs are where it all happens; located around the globe, every lab is staffed by technical experts with an in-depth understanding of local tastes and needs.


Pilot plants

Our pilot plants enable us to assess the feasibility of new processes, products and technology by scaling up and testing formulations and ideas before installing any commercial processes.

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Our Technical Services team is happy to work with you, our customers, wherever you are.

We encourage close working relationships and are happy to spend time at your offices or laboratories discussing a project brief in detail. Once we’ve got to know your business well, we can come up with a number of options either to to accelerate your concept launch, enhance an existing product or optimise costs; everything from the right ingredients to detailed formulations that reflect your project needs.

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There are three vital ingredients to our approach

1. Facilities

Our global production facilities provide the space, equipment and knowledge to achieve extraordinary things. We have the global scale and infrastructure to turn corn and other raw materials into high quality products and ingredients in large volumes that meet global consumer needs.

2. People

Our new product development team’s passion, thirst for knowledge and commitment to happy customers ensure that manufacturing excellence is standard across our business. We want to make sure it is not only our equipment and facilities that are world class. We invest heavily in our engineers and scientists to guarantee the best in their field.

3. Process innovation

Much like technology, we don’t stand still – we’re restless in our search for better ways to do things. Our specialist research and technology team hunt down faster, more efficient, more cost effective methods that use fewer resources and enhance our manufacturing processes.

Our approach to innovation

Innovation is an important part of our business. There are three areas that make up our offer: New Product Development, Open Innovation and Tate & Lyle Ventures.