Webinar: Texture University module 4 - Discovering Gelling Starches


Tate & Lyle’s educational webinar series for food formulators, Texture University, returns in September for module four of the curriculum: Discovering Gelling Starches.

Texture University module 4 - Discovering Gelling Starches

Widely used in formulations across confectionery, dairy, and dressings, each gelling starch has its own unique set of textural properties that impact formulation. Texture University’s next hour-long webinar will lead attendees through the science behind:

  • Making firm, non-sticky, brittle or gelled texture in confectionery,
  • Soft-gelled texture for spoonable dressings, yoghurts and other dairy products,
  • Fat-like texture in low-fat spreads,
  • Firm, melt-able texture for processed cheese.

Created for scientists, by scientists, module 4 will be hosted by Julia L. Desrochers Ph.D., Tate & Lyle’s Principal Scientist, Nutrition and Bakery, along with our Research Scientist for Innovation and Commercial Development, Mariana Perez-Herrera Ph.D.

The quarterly series has proven invaluable for food formulators around the world, since it began in 2018, with over 90% of delegates saying they would attend future webinars.

Global webinar:  Aired Thursday 19 September 2019 - Recap now

Asia-Pacific webinar: Coming soon!

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