Webinar: Sweetener University™ module 1 – Sweetener Fundamentals


Choosing the right sweetener solution can be a long, difficult process because it requires high-level expertise to effectively replace sugar, while maintaining a great taste experience. That’s why we have created Sweetener University™, the first online sweetener-based scientific program of its kind.

Sweetener University module 1

For module one of the Sweetener University™ curriculum, we’ll start at the beginning with Sweetener Fundamentals, covering the fundamentals of formulating with sweeteners:

  • Why are there so many sweeteners?
  • What sourcing considerations are there for sweeteners?
  • What variables impact the performance of sugar reduced products?
  • What challenges can sweeteners solve in food and beverage formulation?
  • Do manufacturing and processing have an impact on formulation choices?

With a curriculum designed by scientists for scientists, Sweetener University™ is your chance to learn more, ask questions and solve even your toughest sweetener formulation challenges. More Sweetener University™ webinars will air throughout the coming year.

Don’t miss the first webinar of our brand new syllabus, airing at 9am (CST) on Wednesday 22 July 2020.

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Sweetener University™ is part of our newly launched Sweetener Vantage™ Expert Systems a set of innovative sweetener solution design tools to help formulators create sugar-reduced food and drink using low calorie sweeteners. Learn more here.