Webinar: Fibre University™ module 1 - Fibre fundamentals


In an age where most people around the world aren’t getting enough fibre in their diets, there is a real opportunity for food and beverage manufacturers to provide fibre-fortified options for consumers. According to our proprietary research, as many as 52% of consumers1 want to increase their fibre intake, so if you’re an innovative food scientist looking to adapt to the demand, where do you start?

Fibre university module one

Tate & Lyle are delighted to bring you the very first Fibre University™ webinar module on Wednesday 10 February 2021, focusing on ‘fibre fundamentals’. Similar to successful Texture University™ and Sweetener University™ education programmes, this brand new curriculum will deliver hour-long interactive sessions designed by scientists for scientists.

Selecting the appropriate fibre solution is a key challenge for food scientists and formulators when also navigating taste, texture, nutrition, processing and labelling of new and reformulated products. A high level of cross-functional expertise is required to identify the best fibre solutions for specific applications and categories. That’s why we’re starting right at the beginning for module one, with ‘fibre fundamentals’, covering the basic principles of formulating with fibres:

  • Why are there so many soluble fibres?
  • What nutritional considerations are there for soluble fibres?
  • What challenges can soluble fibre solve in food and beverage formulations?
  • How could soluble fibres aid sugar and calorie reduction efforts, fortification efforts, and processing and manufacturing performance?
  • What are the main considerations for food formulators to consider when reformulating or developing new products with soluble fibres?

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1, Tate & Lyle proprietary research, Fibre AAU 2016, 11 countries, 8,800 consumers.

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