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Tate & Lyle to Showcase Ingredient and Application Innovation with New Orleans-Inspired Cuisine at IFT Food Expo

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Featured booth bites to include Blood Orange Sangria, Bourbon-flavored Ice Cream and Roasted Red Pepper Gazpacho.


(CHICAGO, USA) – 18 June 2014 – Tate & Lyle, a leading global provider of food ingredients and solutions, is going to feature innovative ingredients and applications through localized culinary concepts at the Institute of Food Technologists (IFT) Food Expo June 21-24 in New Orleans, La. (booth #3941).

Using groundbreaking ingredients for sodium reduction, zero-calorie sweetness and fiber enrichment, Tate & Lyle’s world-class culinary and applications teams plan to put a healthier and tastier twist on classic New Orleans dishes.

“The local food scene provided endless inspiration for tasty formulations using our broad ingredient portfolio,” said Judy Turner, director of culinary, Tate & Lyle. “The eclectic, flavorful cuisine really enabled us to show our culinary creativity and our expertise in developing better-for-you options without sacrificing that great New Orleans taste.”

Zero-Calorie Sweetener Innovation Enables Tastier Formulations

IFT Food Expo attendees are expected to benefit from decades of sweetener innovation and expertise from Tate & Lyle through a refreshing Blood Orange Sangria and Bourbon-flavored Ice Cream. Both prototypes meet consumer demand for sugar reduction while delivering the great taste consumers expect in food and beverage products.

The stevia-sweetened Blood Orange Sangria achieves more than 50% sugar reduction and has 70% fewer calories (12 grams of sugar and 60 calories in an eight-ounce serving) compared to the full-sugar version (26 grams of sugar and 220 calories in an eight-ounce serving). Through its groundbreaking steviol glycoside composition, Tate & Lyle’s TASTEVA® Stevia Sweetener enables a sweet blood-orange flavor without the bitter aftertaste associated with other stevia ingredients. This great taste eliminates the need for masking.

With 100 calories and 6 grams of sugars per four-ounce serving, the Bourbon-flavored Ice Cream with Praline Brittle is another tasty option for IFT Food Expo attendees, boasting the sugar-like sweetness of SPLENDA® Sucralose. Attendees are expected to learn how Tate & Lyle works side by side with manufacturers to help bring on-trend products, like the Bourbon-flavored Ice Cream, from lab to market with the SPLENDA® Sucralose PLUS PROGRAM. The program includes a suite of customized offerings ranging from innovation workshops to sensory panels.

Sodium-Reduction Technology Meets Demand for Better-for-You Options

In addition to sweeteners, Tate & Lyle plans to showcase its SODA-LO® Salt Microspheres sodium-reduction technology at the IFT Food Expo in a Cajun Snack Mix that achieves more than 50% sodium reduction (190 milligrams per 56-gram/two-ounce serving) compared to a snack mix seasoned with salt (390 milligrams per 56-gram/two-ounce serving).

While according to Innova Market Insights (2013) 83% of consumers say they are concerned about sodium, another recent study from the International Food Information Council (2014) says that taste is still consumers’ top priority. With Tate & Lyle’s SODA-LO® Salt Microspheres, manufacturers can reduce sodium without sacrificing the salty taste consumers love.

Recognized by the American Heart Association as a sodium-reduction solution and across regions for its innovative design, SODA-LO® is made from sea salt and has a hollow crystalline microsphere shape, which delivers salt taste and functionality by maximizing surface area relative to volume.

Clean-Label Fiber Options Overcome Color, Taste and Texture Challenges

According to studies from the Natural Marketing Institute (2013), fiber is the top nutrient consumers want to add to their diet, and nearly half of consumers say they look for foods with a short list of recognizable ingredients. Tate & Lyle’s corn- or oat-sourced fibers meet consumer demand for better-for-you options and clean labeling while minimizing formulators’ challenges in color, taste and texture.

IFT Food Expo attendees are going to experience Tate & Lyle’s newly introduced PromOat® Beta Glucan in an Iced Mocha Café au Lait with Whipped Coconut Water topping. Delivering up to 35% beta glucan, PromOat® can help support a healthy cholesterol level for individuals with cholesterol within the normal range and is free from the taste, color and graininess usually associated with oat-based ingredients.

Tate & Lyle plans to feature its soluble corn fiber in a Roasted Red Pepper Gazpacho with Cornbread. PROMITOR® Soluble Corn Fiber is easily incorporated into a variety of food applications and has been shown in internal sensory testing (2011) to be flavor- and color-neutral, free from chalky or grainy textures. For consumers, PROMITOR® Soluble Corn Fiber has been shown through multiple clinical trials to have excellent digestive tolerance, avoiding digestive discomfort associated with certain other fibers.

“We’re thrilled to be inviting food and beverage manufacturers to experience our groundbreaking ingredients in action at this year’s IFT Food Expo,” said Gabriella Parisse, President, Innovation and Commercial Development, Tate & Lyle. “The creativity of our culinary and application teams coupled with our in-depth food science expertise really demonstrates how we work side by side with our customers every step of the way – from idea to plate.”

About Tate & Lyle
Tate & Lyle is a global provider of ingredients and solutions to the food, beverage and other industries, with operations in over 30 locations worldwide.

Tate & Lyle operates through two global divisions, Speciality Food Ingredients and Bulk Ingredients, supported by our Innovation and Commercial Development group. The Group's strategy is to become a leading global provider of Speciality Food Ingredients through a disciplined focus on growth, and by driving Bulk Ingredients for sustained cash generation to fuel this growth.

Speciality Food Ingredients consists of three platforms: Texturants, which includes speciality starches and stabilisers; Sweeteners, which comprises nutritive sweeteners and our range of no-calorie sweeteners including SPLENDA® Sucralose; and our Health and Wellness portfolio, which includes speciality fibres and our salt-reduction offering. Additionally, our Food Systems business provides a wide variety of blended ingredient solutions.

Tate & Lyle Bulk Ingredients includes bulk sweeteners, industrial starches and fermentation products (primarily acidulants). Corn co-products from both divisions are primarily sold as animal feed.

Tate & Lyle is listed on the London Stock Exchange under the symbol TATE.L. American Depositary Receipts trade under TATYY. In the year to 31 March 2014, Tate & Lyle sales totalled £3.1 billion.

For more information, visit SPLENDA® is a trademark of McNeil Nutritionals, LLC.


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About Tate & Lyle: 
Tate & Lyle is a world leader in ingredient solutions for healthier food and beverages. Supported by our 160-year history of ingredient innovation, we partner with customers to provide consumers with healthier and tastier choices when they eat and drink. We are proud that millions of people around the world consume products containing our ingredients every day.

Through our expertise in sweetening, mouthfeel and fortification, we develop solutions which reduce sugar, calories and fat, add fibre and protein, and provide texture and stability in categories including beverages, dairy, bakery, soups, sauces and dressings.

We have more than 3,500 employees working in around 60 locations across 39 countries. Tate & Lyle's purpose is Transforming Lives Through the Science of Food and through our purpose we believe we can successfully grow our business and have a positive impact on society. We live our purpose in three ways, by supporting healthy living, building thriving communities and caring for our planet.

Tate & Lyle is listed on the London Stock Exchange under the symbol TATE.L. American Depositary Receipts trade under TATYY. In the year to 31 March 2022, Tate & Lyle revenue from continuing operations totalled £1.4 billion. For more information, please visit or follow Tate & Lyle on TwitterLinkedin or Facebook.

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