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Tate & Lyle has become aware of the re-appearance of a low-calorie tabletop sweetener product branded as 'Altern' in a small number of Wal*Mart stores in the US. Altern is described as containing sucralose. Tate & Lyle has analysed samples of this product and believes it to contain an active ingredient of Chinese origin. Work is being carried out to determine if this ingredient meets the stringent US Food and Drug Administration specifications and / or infringes on Tate & Lyle’s intellectual property. This ingredient cannot be branded as SPLENDA® Brand Sweetener; SPLENDA® is the leading US low-calorie tabletop sweetener brand. The quantity of sucralose required for a single table-top product such as Altern is extremely small and the supply of sucralose to the table-top sector is a minor part of Tate & Lyle’s SPLENDA® Sucralose ingredients business. Tate & Lyle does not expect the launch of this product, even were it to be on a national scale, to have any material effect on the results of its sucralose division and is making this statement in recognition of the high level of investor interest in sucralose.
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