Tate & Lyle Launches Reduced-Sugar Fiber in the U.S. and Latin America

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Decatur, Ill. (Sept. 14, 2010) – World-leading food ingredient manufacturer Tate & Lyle announces the launch of PROMITOR™ Soluble Corn Fiber 85, a high-fiber, low sugar and low calorie prebiotic fiber.   

Introduced last July at the Institute of Food Technologists (IFT) Annual Meeting in Chicago, PROMITOR™ Soluble Corn Fiber 85 provides 85 per cent fiber and only 1.2 calories per gram. Touting less than five percent sugar, Tate & Lyle’s newest fiber is suitable for use in sugar-free* and no-sugar-added* products while providing the opportunity for an ‘excellent source of fiber’ claim per serving (at least 5 grams per serving).

“Tate & Lyle regularly innovates ingredients for the food industry that help manufacturers develop healthier foods and beverages,” says David Lewis, Americas Health & Wellness Business Development Manager, Tate & Lyle. “PROMITOR™ Soluble Corn Fiber 85 enriches products and provides benefits for digestive health without affecting taste or texture.”

Lewis adds: “In addition to providing the health benefits associated with dietary fiber, the use of PROMITOR™ Soluble Corn Fiber 85 allows formulators to reduce sugar, allowing consumers the opportunity to enjoy foods, like cookies and cereals, in moderation while feeling great about managing their calorie and sugar intake.”

Reduce Sugar and Improve Digestive Health by Adding Soluble Corn Fiber

According to recent research commissioned by Tate & Lyle, 63 percent of Americans are looking for new ways to reduce sugar and 77 percent are trying to consume more fiber. Using PROMITOR™ Soluble Corn Fiber 85 in foods and beverages allows manufacturers to meet both of these consumer demands while providing a low cost in use.

Just like Tate & Lyle’s PROMITOR™ Soluble Corn Fiber 70, PROMITOR™ Soluble Corn Fiber 85 is well tolerated without causing gastrointestinal discomfort, an issue that can be experienced with competitive fibers. It also provides digestive health benefits that 52 percent of Americans believe is a benefit of consuming fiber.

Clean Label and Technical Benefits

As consumers seek foods and beverages with easy-to-read labels, PROMITOR™ Soluble Corn Fiber 85 fits the bill. PROMITOR™ Soluble Corn Fiber 85 can be labeled as ‘soluble corn fiber’ or ‘maltodextrin,’ making it ideal for use in clean label products.

Available in liquid and dry forms, PROMITOR™ Soluble Corn Fiber 85 provides manufacturers with a wide range of technical benefits. It features excellent process and acid stability and dissolves clear in applications. In high-solids systems, PROMITOR™ Soluble Corn Fiber 85 can maintain stable water activity without crystallizing, ensuring that texture remains the same. It provides excellent humectants, reducing the need to introduce other humectants to a formulation.

“One of the most important benefits of using PROMITOR™ Soluble Corn Fiber 85 is its ability to serve as a one-to-one replacement for competitive fibers that don’t offer the tolerance and cost benefits of PROMITOR™ Soluble Corn Fiber,” explains Michelle Schwenk, Senior Food Scientist, Tate & Lyle. “This one-to-one replacement doesn’t require expensive reformulations and provides an end product that is well-tolerated and label friendly.”

PROMITOR™ Soluble Corn Fiber 85 is ideal for use in clean label foods and beverages and is undetected in products such as beverages, cereals, bars, snacks, pizzas, confections, bakery and dairy products.

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