Tate & Lyle and Sweet Green Fields to Introduce Two New Cost-Effective Stevia Products at IFT18 Annual Meeting & Food Expo

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Dedicated to promoting healthier lifestyles, new stevia extracts deliver  great taste at lower cost in use for manufacturers.

HOFFMAN ESTATES, IL (USA), 12 July 2018 — Tate & Lyle PLC (‘Tate & Lyle’), a leading global provider of food and

Stevia portfolio with Sweet Green Fields

beverage solutions and ingredients, and Sweet Green Fields (SGF), one of the largest fully integrated global stevia ingredient companies, are introducing two innovative stevia-extracted products at the IFT18 Annual Meeting & Food Expo in Chicago, July 15–18. These two new items address consumers need for reduced sugar products while not compromising on taste and meet manufacturers’ need for a cost-effective solution.

"We want to provide consumers with options that align to their evolving preferences and are committed to developing ingredients at lower cost in use," said Dean Francis, Chief Executive Officer at SGF. "We believe our new stevia products deliver on that commitment, and we’re excited to introduce them at IFT18."

The products – Optimizer Stevia 4.10 and IntesseÔ Stevia 2.0 – are noted below:

Optimizer SteviaÔ 4.10
As the newest addition to the Tate & Lyle Optimizer SteviaÔ range, Optimizer SteviaÔ 4.10 features comparable great taste and offers reduced cost in use opportunities for food and beverage producers and surpasses highly pure stevia extracts RA99-RA100 in tabletop sweeteners and drinks. For food and beverage manufacturers familiar with using high-purity Reb A stevia extracts (RA95-RA100) to formulate low- and zero-calorie products, the Optimizer SteviaÔ range offers the following substantial benefits:

•    Fewer Sugars, Fewer Calories: Suitable in all applications, Optimizer SteviaÔ 4.10 offers up to 6 brix sugar reduction.
•    Lower Cost-in-Use: Optimizer SteviaÔ 4.10 saves up to 20% cost in use when compared to RA99.
•    Great Taste Profile: These stevia sweeteners, produced from stevia leaf extracts lend a very clean and natural taste without bitterness or lasting aftertaste when replacing 3-7 brix of sugar. 

IntesseÔ Stevia 2.0 
IntesseÔ Stevia 2.0 delivers a sweet, clean taste without lingering bitterness and is designed to provide innovative stevia extract for manufacturers seeking cost-effective high sugar-reduction solutions without compromising on taste.  A combination of certain steviol glycosides at specific ratios allow for IntesseÔ Stevia 2.0 to also deliver on the following benefits:

•    High Usage, High Sugar Reduction: Even at high usage levels, IntesseÔ Stevia 2.0 offers up to 8 brix sugar reduction. 
•    Lower Cost-in-Use: IntesseÔ Stevia 2.0 brings great taste with a cost reduction of approximately 20%-50% vs. other premium stevia sweeteners that are intended for high sugar replacement levels.
•    Excellent Solubility: IntesseÔ Stevia 2.0 is highly soluble, making it an excellent choice for syrup and concentrate manufacturing. 

In addition to meeting consumer preferences, the two new products address manufacturers’ needs for continuous innovation and turnkey sugar-reduction solutions – all due to Tate & Lyle’s unique partnership with SGF, an integrated stevia company.

With extensive expertise in formulations, particularly in the categories of beverages, dairy, soups, sauces and dressings, Tate & Lyle can efficiently facilitate transitions to the new stevia sweeteners without compromising on taste.

Tate & Lyle and Sweet Green Fields are inviting food and beverage manufacturers to visit booth 28606 and booth S3620 at IFT18 at McCormick Place in Chicago and sample prototypes made with Optimizer SteviaÔ 4.10 and Intesse Stevia 2.0.

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 1. ‘High sugar reduction’ as determined by SGF is sugar replacement in the range of 70% to 100%

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