Keeping Health and Wellness at the top of our priorities


Find out how we promote a healthy work-life balance by following these top tips from Recruiting Manager for HR, EMEA, Suzanne Greaves.

Here at Tate & Lyle, the wellbeing of our employees remains one of our top priorities, and we are constantly looking at ways we can help our colleagues at our plants, labs and offices across the world, such as our yearly Global Challenge incentive – encouraging colleagues to take 10,000 steps daily for 100 days.

Recruiting Manager for HR, EMEA, Suzanne Greaves recently shared her top tips for managing stress over the festive period on LinkedIn. We asked Suzanne more about her top tips and how they relevant throughout the year. Suzanne said: ‘Managing stress and being healthy is not just for the festive season, it helps us all year round. There are some really easy ways people can do this, and I try to keep active by attending a weekly yoga class.”

Suzanne Greaves Yoga pose
Suzanne at her yoga class.

How many of these tips do you currently follow?

Eat a balanced diet
Eating nutritious and fibre-rich foods you can ensure that you remain happy, healthy and satisfied all year round. Why not choose “better for you” snacking options or replace sweet treats with seasonal fruit?

Moderation is key
Late nights and excess alcohol consumption can wreak havoc on overall health and wellbeing. When it comes to business travel and networking events, moderation and knowing your limits is key.

Get up and active
It’s important to take a break from your computer or iPhone screen every now and then. Keep it simple, by scheduling in a lunch time walk with colleagues, or making good use of your gym membership. Getting active can help boost your mood and heart health at the same time.

Flexible working
Flexible working alternatives, such as working from home (if allowable) can help you to feel more under control and relaxed.

Be realistic
There are only so many hours in the day, so it’s important that you remain realistic and work to a plan when it comes to meeting workplace goals. Set yourself achievable targets, or work your way through a list – where you can tick off each item as you go along. 

Stress is counterproductive for overall health and wellbeing, so keep your stress levels in check by setting realistic targets to work towards.

How do you manage stress? You can view Suzanne’s complete Linkedin article here.