Find out how we are continuing to attract and retain talent


Find out how Tate & Lyle is working to attract and retain talent as Martyn Worsley, Global VP, Talent and Organisational Development, shares his thoughts.

Find out how a positive balance sheet and income statement need not be the only factors in attracting and retaining great talent:

Talent Management
"We look for people who are never satisfied with the status quo,"


Attracting and retaining talent

Talent management can mean many different things to different organisations but, first and foremost, for a company like Tate & Lyle to be successful, it is critical you have the right people, with the right skillset, in the right place, at the right time. Fortunately, Tate & Lyle has an increasing pool of talented people, which helps to make that happen, from plant locations and customer facing business units, through to corporate offices and innovation teams.

Tate & Lyle has a clear Purpose, to improve lives for generations, which not only drives growth in our business but also helps us play a positive role in society. Secondly, it is a company with strong values - safety, integrity and respect –, which have been part of the company’s DNA for over 150 years. The company continues to have a robust balance sheet, allowing for investment in future growth, not just in capital expenditure but also in strengthening company capabilities. 

Finally, the company fosters a great working culture, and provides the opportunity to work with many extraordinary colleagues!

Finding the right fit

The world around us is changing rapidly, and so are recruitment approaches. When candidates apply for a position with Tate & Lyle, they will have have researched the company and gained a basic understanding of our values and the key areas of our business. But at the same time,  as a recruiter we want candidates to enjoy their interview experience with us. If someone is going to join us at Tate & Lyle, it has to be a ‘win-win’ scenario for both the candidate and us.

Thinking ‘out of the box

At Tate & Lyle, we look for people who are never satisfied with the status quo. People who are open minded, energised and think ‘outside the box’. People who have the ability to be agile, innovative and creative, and who will help drive our company forward.

In the end, it's people that make a company special. If you have truly talented people in your company, and you help foster an exciting and engaging working environment, you are going to attract exceptional talent.

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