Our Dividends

Dividend Timetable - Interim (8.6p per share)
Ex-dividend date 22 November 2018
Record date 23 November 2018
DRIP Mandate deadline 11 December 2018
Payment of dividend 4 January 2019


Other dividend information

Tate & Lyle operates a DRIP that provides shareholders with the opportunity to reinvest their dividends in Tate & Lyle PLC shares.  

The terms and conditions of the DRIP are contained in the explanatory booklet.     

Shareholders that would like to participate in the DRIP for all future dividends can print, complete and return the DRIP mandate form to our registrars, Equiniti.


Extract from Chairman’s Statement in 2018 Annual Report:

The Board remains committed to a progressive dividend policy of growing the dividend over time, taking into account the earnings prospects and investment needs of the business.


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