SWEETOSE® Corn Syrup

SWEETOSE® Corn Syrup is a liquid sweetener for confectioners and bakers.

Introduction to SWEETOSE® High Conversion Syrups
Also known as
Corn syrup

SWEETOSE® Corn Syrup is made by the acid and/or enzymatic hydrolysis of dent maize starch. It is ideal for adding body and flavour, and can improve colour formation in baked goods.

SWEETOSE® Corn Syrup is available in:
2 Countries
Some of these include:
  • Mexico
  • Puerto Rico
1 Region
  • North America

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SWEETOSE® Corn Syrup application areas

SWEETOSE® Corn Syrup can improve taste and texture in a variety of your baked goods and confectionery.

Add body, bulk and optimum sweetness to your bakery products. SWEETOSE® Corn Syrup is a fermentable sugar that can control the rheological properties of your products. It is an excellent ingredient to enhance the browning reaction of crusts and in dry biscuit formulations that require controlled colour development.

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SWEETOSE® Corn Syrup has a reduced viscosity, making it ideal for use in gums, jellies and liquorice sweets that are moulded or extruded.

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