STALEYDEX® Crystalline Dextrose

STALEYDEX® Crystalline Dextrose is produced through the total hydrolysis of corn starch.

Introduction to STALEYDEX® Crystalline Dextrose
Also known as
Crystalline dextrose

STALEYDEX® Crystalline Dextrose is a crystalline dextrose produced through the total hydrolysis of corn starch. It is ideal for prepared food mixes requiring a dispersing agent, bulking agent or sweetener. Available as a crystalline white powder with a refreshing sweet taste, STALEYDEX® Crystalline Dextrose has a nutritive value of 4/Kcal per gram of dry matter.

STALEYDEX® Crystalline Dextrose can be used as a sweetener or fermentable sugars source in applications such as confectionery, bakery mixes, beverages, ice-cream, dessert powders and processed meat. It can also be used to provide the most appropriate osmolality for energy enrichment in a variety of dietetic and enteral foods.

STALEYDEX® Crystalline Dextrose is available in:
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Some of these include:
  • Brazil
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  • North America

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STALEYDEX® Crystalline Dextrose application areas

With a refreshing sweet taste, STALEYDEX® Crystalline Dextrose can promote browning, enhance texture and be used as a fermentable energy source across your product range.

STALEYDEX® Crystalline Dextrose enhances crust browning and is ideal to control dough sweetness in cakes, muffins and pastries. It can accelerate fermentation and improves mix flowability in breads and baked goods. STALEYDEX® Crystalline Dextrose provides a source of fermentable sugars to promote yeast activity and acts as a sweetener and bulking agent. It can also contribute to a finer crumb structure in cakes and biscuits, and helps create an appetising brown colour.

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STALEYDEX® Crystalline Dextrose is used in the manufacture of cider and fruit wines as a readily dispersible source of fermentable sugars. It is also used to adjust the variable, crop dependent, sugar content of the respective fruits.

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STALEYDEX® Crystalline Dextrose improves sweetness, gloss and coating resistance in your breakfast cereals.

STALEYDEX® Crystalline Dextrose improves the pliability of chewing-gum, optimises the texture of gums and jellies and boosts crystallisation in grained confectionery products.

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STALEYDEX® Crystalline Dextrose optimises taste and control sweetness in cereal bars and snacks.

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