MERIFILM® Modified Corn Starch

MERIFILM® Modified Corn Starch offers an efficient and lower cost solution to increasing paper strength and improving surface conditions during the paper-making process.

Introduction to MERIFILM® Modified Corn Starch
Also known as
Modified Corn Starch. papermaking starch

MERIFILM® Modified Corn Starch is used in the paper-making industry to increase dry paper strength and improve surface conditions, as well as being used as a binder in paper coatings.

MERIFILM® Modified Corn Starch is available in:
1 Region
  • Europe, Middle East and Africa

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MERIFILM® Modified Corn Starch application areas

MERIFILM® Modified Corn Starch can be used in a variety of paper products.

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MERIFILM® Modified Corn Starch improves dry paper quality and surface coatings.


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