Malic Acid

Malic acid is a highly versatile acidulant for use in a variety of applications.

Introduction to Malic Acid
Also known as
Acidulant, dicarboxylic acid, salt, ester, malate

Malic acid has a clean, smooth taste, and persistent sourness, allowing it to be blended with multiple food acids, sugars, high intensity sweeteners and flavours to create unique taste experiences. Highly soluble, with a low melting point,malic acid can be easily incorporated into molten confections. It can be used to form economical acidulants, or tart-tasting flavour blends.

Malic Acid is available globally

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Applications for Malic Acid

Malic acid provides a unique smooth, tart flavour. It provides quick dissolution and flavour enhancement in your applications.

Enhance fruit flavours, improve pH stability and mask the aftertaste of some salts in your beverage formulations. Malic acid's extended sourness also masks low-calorie sweetener aftertaste.

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Add prolonged tartness to hard, soft and sugarless candies, as well as chewing gum.

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Add to buffer pH, improve taste, provide acidity, and chelate metal ions.

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Malic acid is suitable for use in a range of cosmetics, pharmaceuticals and personal care products. Add to buffer pH, improve taste, provide acidity, and chelate metal ions.

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