GLUCAMYL® Glucose Syrups

GLUCAMYL® Glucose Syrups are nutritive sweeteners, made from corn.

Introduction to GLUCAMYL® Glucose Syrups
Also known as
Glucose syrups

GLUCAMYL® Glucose Syrups are a range of nutritive sweeteners produced from corn. GLUCAMYL® Glucose Syrups can be used to improve structure and mouthfeel across a wide range of applications, while improving sweetness levels and the energy content of products.

GLUCAMYL® Glucose Syrups are vital ingredients in various food products, preventing sugar crystallisation, or to improve freeze-thaw stability. GLUCAMYL® Glucose Syrups are suitable for confectionery, ice-cream, fruit preparations, brewing, baking, ketchups and sauces.

GLUCAMYL® Glucose Syrups is available in:
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  • Europe, Middle East and Africa

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GLUCAMYL® Glucose Syrup application areas

GLUCAMYL® Glucose Syrups enhance sweetness and texture across a number of applications. It has a nutritive value of 4 kcal per gram of dry matter.

GLUCAMYL® Glucose Syrups improve flavour and body at high sucrose replacement levels, improving colour formation and moisture absorption in cakes and cookies. It also reduces shrinkage and fractionation of fruit pieces in bakery fillings and flans.

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Perfect for improving mouthfeel in juice drinks and reduced-sugar fizzy drinks, GLUCAMYL® Glucose Syrups can also be used to extend brewing capacity and control fermentation in beer sugars.

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GLUCAMYL® Glucose Syrups are perfect for adding sweetness to cereal coatings and improving the gloss and sheen desired by both manufacturers and consumers.

GLUCAMYL® Glucose Syrups are used to make hard-boiled sweets, gums, jellies, marshmallows, nougat, fondant, chewing gum, and other confectioneries.

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GLUCAMYL® Glucose Syrups improve the shelf life of your caramel-based cereal bars.

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