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Trading update

23 March 1999
| Filed in: Press Releases
Prior to financial analyst briefings, Tate & Lyle makes the following announcement about current trading and prospects: In spite of disappointing results from Amylum, unaudited profit before tax for the five months ended February 1999 was in line with budget and ahead of the profit achieved in the c...

Tate & Lyle Non-Executive Chairman

20 August 1998
| Filed in: Press Releases
Tate & Lyle announces that Sir David Lees has been appointed non-executive Chairman with effect from 1 October 1998. Sir David, who is 61, is non-executive Chairman of GKN plc and of Courtaulds plc. Courtaulds was recently the subject of a recommended bid from Akzo Nobel and is now part of that grou...

Sucralose approved in USA

01 April 1998
| Filed in: Press Releases
Sucralose, the new low calorie sweetener from Tate & Lyle, has today, 1 April 1998 been approved for use in the United States of America by the Food & Drug Administration (FDA). The FDA granted approval for the use of sucralose in 15 food and beverage categories and this constitutes the broadest ini...

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