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Achieving an A-grade Nutri-Score rating for protein bars

18 August 2020
| Filed in:
Case Study
Nutri-score rating logo over supermarket aisle
The Nutri-Score front-of-pack rating system is already in use in several European countries and set to be adopted more widely. With the German government having now also issued a recommendation that food and drink manufacturers use the Nutri-Score rating system on their product packaging, it has...

Supporting in good times and bad: Playing our part to meet the hunger need

01 July 2020
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Company Stories
Community thank yous
As a global company with colleagues and facilities in over 30 countries, we embrace the responsibility we hold in building thriving communities. We see this role of working side-by-side for good as an essential part of how we live our purpose of Improving Lives for Generations.

How we’re upcycling food waste into new proteins and ingredients

26 June 2020
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Company Stories
Proenrich tomato residue
How can we put olive, tomato, citrus fruit and rapeseed meal residue to good use? Our Application & Technical Service Centre in Mold, North Wales, UK, is on a three-year journey with Bangor University collaborating on a project to make practical use of leftover food waste.

How can I eat well during lockdown?

27 May 2020
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Company Stories
Eating well in lockdown - salad
Our dietary patterns are changing as we spend more time at home and inevitably more time in the kitchen. As the weeks pass we may find ourselves seeking recipe inspiration or looking for tips on efficient meal planning and grocery shopping or wondering if our new diets are healthy.

Staying healthy and connected from home

04 May 2020
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Company Stories
Working from home
As a designated essential business in every country we operate in, all our colleagues around the world are taking additional precautions in order for us to continue safely supplying food and beverage ingredients relied on by customers and consumers globally. Whilst those based in our labs and plants...
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