Raw materials 

Ingredients reflect the materials they’re made from. You can be confident that the building blocks of our ingredients – the raw materials they are made from – are of the highest standards. Our principal raw material is corn, but we look for the same high standards in everything we source.



Many of the farmers who grow our corn have been our suppliers for decades. They know that we value them - and we know that the corn we use has been in good hands from the moment it was planted.

With all of our corn, we take care to make use of every part of the kernel the farmers grow. Corn starch is the largest component, and finds its way into foods and a wide range of industrial uses; but the gluten is valuable as an ingredient in cattle and animal feeds, and the kernel's 3 per cent corn oil content is also captured.

Tate & Lyle processes two types of corn: dent and waxy. Dent corn is the most common crop and is used to make high fructose corn syrup, food starch, alcohol (ethanol) and animal feed. Waxy corn has special functionality that makes it ideal for creating stabilisers, thickeners and emulsifiers for the food industry. It is also used in adhesives and gums for the paper industry.


Woman looking at test tube


Corn wet milling