If you’re looking for a company that expects leadership, courage, and an appetite for constant challenge from its people, then Tate & Lyle could be the place for you  

At Tate & Lyle we know that recruiting, developing and retaining the right people is a decisive factor in achieving success and creating competitive advantage. We work hard to retain people who can make a difference and actively contribute towards meeting Group objectives.

Life at Tate & Lyle

"I’ve always had good managers who recognised my potential, even when I didn’t!"

Marvin Wiederhold
Manager Operations, Sagamore


Marvin Wiederhold

Graduate opportunities

Each year, we take on a number of carefully chosen graduates who we believe are capable of being the leaders of tomorrow for our scheme in the US.

Current Vacancies

Explore the current vacancies at Tate & Lyle. 

What we're looking for

Running a successful business requires finding the right people, do you know if you fit the bill?

Our Values

Our Values define what we stand for and how we behave with our customers, suppliers, investors, the communities we operate in and with each other

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