Texture solutions

Understanding Texturants

We’ve spent decades building a vast portfolio of more than 130 specialty starches, including native, modified, cook-up, instant and clean-label varieties. Our starches can help you create cakes that don’t crumble, frozen meals that are freeze-thaw stable, and yoghurts with a rich, indulgent texture. We can also help you choose the right food starches to extend shelf life, improve tolerance during processing, or even avoid a cooking step.

Good solutions demand expert understanding. Our food innovators spend many hours in our state-of-the-art sensory labs building a deep understanding of the complexities of starch functionality; from how they behave under certain processing conditions and the best ways to integrate them into your formulations, to how they impact on your consumers’ sensory experiences and taste perceptions. We work in partnership with you to create the ideal solution to help you reduce fat, sugars, and calories without losing the appealing texture consumers love.

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