Tate & Lyle Ventures - What we do

We operate two funds

Tate & Lyle Ventures LP

A £25 million venture capital fund launched in 2006 (now fully committed)

Tate & Lyle Ventures II LP

An active £30 million fund that invests in high growth companies across food science and technology globally
The Funds

The funds are structured as Limited Partnerships and managed externally by Circadia Ventures LLP so that we can:

  • Manage them as independent venture capital funds

  • Make objective investment decisions quickly and independently

  • Base what we do on best practice in the venture capital industry

  • Co-invest with other investors

  • Meet the needs of our portfolio by helping them to grow into successful businesses


Our strategy

We focus on generating financial returns from our investments, so look for companies with:

  • Defensible technologies

  • Clear growth plans 

  • Ambitious management teams building aggressive high growth businesses

Looking for investment funds?

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What we aim to do

Healthier choices for consumers

Through our investments, we look to address many of the diverse food challenges experienced in both developed and developing countries.

Busy lives, ageing populations and rapid urbanisation mean that increasing numbers of consumers are looking for foods and food technologies with health benefits. Through our fund, we want to make investments that provide the food and beverage industry with:

  • Ingredients that deliver science-based benefits

  • Technologies that improve the manufacturing processes and

  • Services and technologies that provide consumers with healthier choices


Building better businesses

What we look for:

  • Early stage and expansion phase ventures globally

  • Products with global potential

We are pro-active investors and support the businesses we back long-term, usually as board members – always making sure we reserve sufficient capital for subsequent financing rounds. Robust businesses aren’t ready-made, so we work closely with our portfolio companies to build strong management teams, helping to define their strategies and create the building blocks of success.


Adding value

Our investment businesses work with us because we go way beyond just providing capital for their growing business.

Our independent structure, investment experience and direct access to extensive strategic and research networks offer compelling advantages to an ambitious and growing business.

What is Tate & Lyle Ventures?

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Our approach

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Meet the team

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Our approach to innovation

Innovation is an important part of our business. There are three areas that make up our offer: New Product Development, Open Innovation and Tate & Lyle Ventures.

New Product Development

We have built a global infrastructure and process that provides outstanding facilities and cutting-edge technology to support our commitment to develop exciting new products and technologies.

Open Innovation

We work collaboratively with start-ups, businesses, individuals, research professionals and educational establishments to help them develop and take their product to market quickly and easily through our Open Innovation process.