Tate & Lyle - Ventures

We operate two funds

Tate & Lyle Ventures LP

A £25 million fund launched in 2006 (now fully committed)

Tate & Lyle Ventures II LP

A £30 million fund launched in 2013 (now fully committed).
The Funds

The funds are structured as Limited Partnerships and managed externally by Circadia Ventures LLP so that we can:

  • Manage them as independent venture capital funds

  • Make objective investment decisions quickly and independently

  • Base what we do on best practice in the venture capital industry

  • Co-invest with other investors

  • Meet the needs of our portfolio by helping them to grow into successful businesses


Our strategy

We focus on generating financial returns from our investments, so look for companies with:

  • Defensible technologies

  • Clear growth plans 

  • Ambitious management teams building aggressive high growth businesses

David Atkinson and Simon Barnes, of Tate & Lyle Ventures

Meet the team

Tate & Lyle Ventures' senior management team provides valuable insight into industry trends and dynamics and supports our commitment to long-term investment.

Our Investments


Alltlix logo


Allylix, based in San Diego, California and Lexington, Kentucky, is a developer of fine chemicals and related products for the flavour and fragrance, food, pharmaceutical and agricultural markets. Allylix's technology platform allows terpenes, a class of natural products which give plants their characteristic flavours and fragrances, to be produced via fermentation in yeast. Allylix's technology replaces the costly and laborious extraction of terpenes from plants and enables cost effective production of flavours and fragrances for use in perfumes, personal care, food and household products. In November 2014 it was announced that Allylix had been acquired by Evolva Holdings SA.


BioFilm logo


BioFilm, based in Hamilton, Scotland, was established in 2003 to build on its previous owner's, Devro plc, expertise in thin film technology. BioFilm develops and manufactures fast dissolving films used for consumer healthcare and pharmaceutical applications. With its unique technology platform and EFSIS Accredited manufacturing plant, BioFilm produces high quality differentiated strips and innovative products based on soluble thin films. BioFilm's skills and expertise allow this novel delivery system to be adapted to a wide variety of applications


Changing Health Logo


Changing Health, a spin out from Newcastle University UK, is a digital health company focused on helping diabetic patients manage their condition through personalised changes in nutrition and exercise. The company is based on a technology platform developed by Prof Mike Trenell within the university’s medical faculty and is underpinned by clinical evidence, proprietary know-how and intellectual property. Changing Health aims to be the leading provider of evidence based decision making tools for lifestyle and chronic disease management.

Evolve Biosystems is a spin-out from the University of California, Davis based on revolutionary science in the field of probiotics and prebiotics for new born infants. The development of a healthy microbiome in the infant gut is crucial during the early months of a baby’s development. A decade of research into the field is enabling Evolve to create a series of products to normalise infant microbiome development.


Fugeia Logo


Fugeia, based in Leuven Belgium, is a functional food technology business with a focus on wheat bran fibre and digestive health. A spin-out from the Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, Fugeia developed a proprietary, patent-protected arabinoxylan oligosaccharide ingredient derived from natural wheat bran fibre, with potent prebiotic and antioxidant functionality. In February 2013 it was announced that the technology and corresponding intellectual property had been acquired by Cargill Inc.


Lumara logo


Lumora Ltd.,  a spin out from Cambridge University, has developed a revolutionary molecular diagnostics platform that identifies and quantifies specific pathogens rapidly and accurately. Lumora’s platform has been licensed and launched globally by 3M for application in food safety and the Company is now focusing on high value clinical applications as well as other industrial applications with a range of commercial partners. In September 2015 it was announced that Lumora Ltd. had been acquired by Erba Diagnostics Mannheim GmbH.



Nutriati Inc., is a Richmond, Virginia based food technology company focused on the research, development and commercialization of innovative plant-based food ingredients. Nutriati’s processing capabilities allow it to leverage new plant-based sources and create ingredients that offer premium in-product functional characteristics that meet the growing global demand for high-quality, plant-based protein and gluten free flour ingredients. Nutriati’s ingredient platform features superior organoleptic characteristics to current ingredient offerings, thus enabling food manufacturers to create plant-based food options with taste, texture and nutritional profiles that were previously unattainable.



ProLupin Logo


ProLupin, based in Grimmen, Germany is a spin-off of the Fraunhofer Institute for Process Engineering and Packaging in Freising, Germany. The company focuses on the development, manufacture and marketing of plant origin, lactose-free milk substitutes based on protein from blue sweet lupin. This native legume is particularly rich in protein and will grow in poor soil and harsh climates. Prolupin is developing its own range of products which are pure organic, non-GM and free from lactose, cholesterol and gluten (except pasta) under its MADE WITH LUVE brand (www.madewithluve.de). This strategy aims to help increase consumer interest in lupin protein and to support sales and development of its range of lupin ingredients.

New Product Development

Innovation is the life-blood of our business; find out our approach to this exciting area of our business and read about some of our product success stories.

Open Innovation

Open Innovation is a separate part of our Innovation offer. If you’re not looking for investment but would like help in getting your product to market quickly and easily find out about our Open Innovation process.