Webinar: Stevia for sugar & calorie reduction in North American markets


With increasing interest in health and a conscious focus on reducing sugar, there are significant opportunities in the market for food and beverage manufacturers to innovate their products to better balance taste with health.

Tate & Lyle has collaborated with Mintel to present a webinar on consumer perceptions of stevia and the benefits of this natural sweetener to help food and beverage manufacturers achieve success in North American market.

stevia sweetened berry dessert

In this webinar, Beth Nieman Hacker, our Director of Global Market Research, and Mintel’s Stephanie Mattucci, Associate Director of Food Science, will discuss North American consumer behaviour regarding sugar and calorie reduction, awareness and purchase interest in products with stevia, and highlight in-market product examples to strengthen the case for stevia adoption.

While understanding consumers and the market is critical, we know that taste continues to be the leading purchase factor for most consumers. Our technical expert, Jim Carr, Director of Global Ingredient Technology for Sweeteners, will share the challenges of formulating with stevia, specifically discussing key formulation strategies around cost in use versus sucrose, stevia as a standalone sweetener, and improving sweetness quality of stevia with other ingredients.

Tune in on Thursday 27 August for all the insights from our experts, back up by market data from Mintel. Register here

(This webinar first aired as part of SHIFT20 in July 2020)