Webinar: Low carb diets for health - friend or foe?


Low-carbohydrate diets have never been more popular – whether keto, South Beach, or one of many other diet variations. Did you know that Keto was the most popular diet search term on Google in 2018 and on Instagram, where almost 12 million posts have used the hashtag? But what does scientific evidence tell us about the impact of these often-restrictive diets, on our diet quality and overall health?

ASN webinar with Beth and Kirstie

For National Nutrition Month, and in partnership with the American Society for Nutrition, we’re delighted to be taking part in an informative, science-based webinar on Thursday 19 March, from 1pm EST.

Join us for an overview of the latest trends and consumer perceptions, the nutrition science evidence of these diets, and the view of health practitioners on how these diets work in real life. Our Senior Scientist, Global Nutrition, Kirstie Canene-Adams PhD will host the webinar, joined by colleague Beth Nieman Hacker, Global Market Research Director, as well as Will Yancy MD, Duke Medical, and Megan Rossi PhD, RD, King’s College London, to discuss:

Current consumer trends

  • Low carb diets - what is the appeal to consumers
  • How is the market responding to these trends

Scientific evidence

  • Do low-carb diets benefit or harm us?
  • What is the latest evidence on health outcomes such as weight loss or glycaemic control?
  • Are we missing out on key nutrients as a result of such restrictive diets (i.e. lack of fibre and the effects of health and wellbeing)?
  • Do they fit the current dietary guidelines?
  • Are there any health risk associated with these diets?

Practitioner's view

  • When and how these diets should and shouldn't be used?
  • What are practical considerations?
  • Personal perspective and advice.

Register here for an insightful lunch-hour of insights and discussion around this on-trend topic.

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