Webinar: Changing the perceptions of fibre, 22 January


Changing the Perception of Fibre: Health Benefits for All Ages

Tuesday, 22 January, 2019

11 am EST, 4 pm GMT

Dietary fibre does so much more than support digestive health. Studies show that certain fibres can influence your body’s gut microbiota and provide a variety of health benefits throughout your lifetime.

Join us on Tuesday 22 January at 11 am EST, 4 pm GMT, when Food Navigator and Tate & Lyle will present a webinar titled Changing the Perception of Fibre: Health Benefits for All Ages. This one-hour session will share the science behind the benefits of fibre throughout one’s lifetime. Learn about:

  • Consumer desire for fibre, its benefits and how it varies by demographic
  • Fibre benefits throughout one's lifetime
  • The impact of dietary fibres on appetite, energy intake and body weight
  • Fibre's influence on the microbiota and how it changes with age
  • Emerging science behind potential health benefits, including cognition and immunity

We look forward to having you join us to learn more about the benefits of fibre for consumers of all ages.

You can register for this webinar for free, here.