Tate & Lyle to Showcase High Fiber Juice and Cookie Solutions Made with the New PROMITOR™ Soluble Corn Fiber 85 at Supply Expo

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DECATUR, Ill. (March 7, 2011) – Tate & Lyle, a world-leading supplier of innovative food ingredients and solutions, is showcasing its new high-fiber juice and cookie made with the company’s recently released PROMITOR™ Soluble Corn Fiber 85 at Supply Expo in Anaheim, Calif., March 11, 2011.

Tate & Lyle’s All Natural Acerola Flavored Blueberry Juice demonstrates the ease in which the liquid version of PROMITOR™ Soluble Corn Fiber 85 is incorporated into beverages during the manufacturing process without the need for dissolution. This results in a clean-tasting drink with an excellent source of fiber claim (at least 5 grams of fiber per serving). With consumers only getting half of the daily recommended serving of 25 grams of fiber per day, the 100 percent fruit juice is a convenient way for consumers to get the fiber and vitamins needed for a healthy diet and good digestive health.

While at Supply Expo, Tate & Lyle also will showcase its Cranberry Oatmeal White Chocolate Chip Cookie, a baked good made with the dry version of PROMITOR™ Soluble Corn Fiber 85. With 53 percent of consumers finding cookies with an excellent source of fiber claim appealing, the high-fiber cookie demonstrates how adding five grams of fiber to products that are considered to be indulgent can improve the consumer appeal of the food as well as its healthy profile without affecting taste or texture.

“Tate & Lyle’s proprietary consumer insights consistently show that consumers want more dietary fiber in their diets and consider beverages and baked goods to be desirable delivery vehicles for fiber,” said David Lewis, Wellness Product Manager, Tate & Lyle. “That’s why our Global Applications team developed beverage and cookie formulas and prototypes that demonstrate the ease in which manufacturers can use the liquid and dry versions of PROMITOR™ Soluble Corn Fiber 85 to develop new fiber-rich products and line extensions for the ready-to-drink beverage and baked goods categories.”

Relying on key consumer insights as well as trends derived from around the world, Tate & Lyle has developed several fiber-enriched solutions for beverages, cereals, soups and baked goods. Recipe solutions developed by the Global Applications team ensure that food and beverage manufacturers can enrich their current offerings with PROMITOR™ Soluble Corn Fiber 85. These solutions allow for the development of leading-edge foods and beverages with a well-tolerated, prebiotic fiber without causing gastrointestinal discomfort, an issue that can be experienced with competitive fibers.

“Two of the most important benefits of using PROMITOR™ Soluble Corn Fiber 85 in a wide range of foods and beverages is the high tolerance levels experienced by consumers and the cost benefits that manufacturers of other fibers on the market can’t match,” explains Judy Turner, Global Applications Manager, Tate & Lyle. “Our nutrition studies, which are lead by our Global Nutrition teams in the United States and Europe, consistently show that PROMITOR™ Soluble Corn Fiber is very well tolerated and helps consumers maintain good digestive health.”

Turner adds: “With a low cost-in-use, PROMITOR™ Soluble Corn Fiber can be used as a one-to-one replacement of competitive fibers that aren’t as well tolerated or cost effective. This replacement doesn’t require expensive reformulations that many formulators may expect.”

For more information about Tate & Lyle’s fiber-rich solutions featuring PROMITOR™ Soluble Corn Fiber 85, visit Tate & Lyle’s Supply Expo booth March 11-12 from 10am – 6pm Pacific Time and March 13 from 10am – 4pm Pacific Time at Booth No. 560. Information and ingredient samples can be requested by visiting www.promitorfiber.com

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