Polydextrose Litigation - Appeal court rules in favour of Staley

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Decatur, IL – Oct. 2, 2000 – The A. E. Staley Manufacturing Company today announced that the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit affirmed a New York Federal District Court's summary judgment, ruling in favor of Staley in an alleged patent infringement case. The Court of Appeal's decision ensures that Staley's growing polydextrose business will no longer be adversely affected by these allegations.

The case was brought by Cultor Food Science, Inc. in February 1998 and asked that Staley be excluded from the growing market for polydextrose on grounds that Staley's product infringed Cultor patents. The district court had earlier rejected Cultor's motion for a preliminary injunction. The Court of Appeals' decision to affirm this earlier ruling eliminates any uncertainty surrounding Staley's successful polydextrose business.

After Staley won a summary judgment motion in the district court, Cultor moved for permission to add additional claims of infringement based on previously unasserted claims in the same patents. The district court judge denied Cultor's motion and the Federal Circuit also upheld this ruling, thus barring Cultor from continuing with the suit on any other claims of infringement.

'This decision confirms that, as we maintained from the outset, Cultor's claims were entirely without merit.' said D. Lynn Grider, Staley's president. 'We have won in every court and on every issue. We are sorry that this litigation caused uncertainty in the polydextrose marketplace and for our customers. This has been a frustrating and costly period for our polydextrose business. This decision brings an end to that uncertainty, so we can now look forward to expanding this business with vigor.'

A. E. Staley Manufacturing Company is one of the largest corn refiners in the United States and a prominent supplier of value-added products derived from carbohydrates, including sweeteners, food and industrial starches, and citric acid.

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