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Behind The Leaf | A Stevia Podcast

Welcome to our new podcast series, Behind the Leaf – a stevia podcast from Tate & Lyle, where we discuss everything about stevia: from science to application, to labeling and safety, to consumer acceptance and the marketplace. 

Behind The Leaf episodes

Join us for the Behind The Leaf stevia podcast with host Ariane Girard-Jouette, Head of Technical Service for Beverage and Emilie Sans, Technical Service, Beverage & Confectionery of Tate & Lyle. Our experts will share formulation insights and how the right combinations of stevia ingredients can help you achieve your reduced sugar formulation goals.

Achieving great taste with natural flavours? It can be done! Learn how natural flavours can provide overall flavour benefits and can be used in synergy with sweeteners to balance flavour profiles. We’ll hear from Greet, Category Manager of Tate & Lyle and Sally- Ann Krzyzaniak, Director of Scientific and Regulatory Affairs and for Tate & Lyle EMEA.

Podcast episode sources:

Tate & Lyle Proprietary Research, 2020 Global Consumer Ingredient Perception Research – 14 CountriesMintel GNPDSlide 14 of 2020 TL Global Consumer Trends Driving Innovation Solutions (unclear if the exact source is Euromonitor; Tate & Lyle Proprietary Research, 2020, 14 countries, percentages are “always” or “sometimes”; or Mintel, The evolution of 'clean' in food and drink, July 2019.International Food Information Council Foundation, 2020 Food & Health Survey, April 2020.

In this episode, you'll learn how different ingredients complement stevia, and hear how formulators are combining them in innovative new ways.

Podcast episode sources:

Tate & Lyle Proprietary Research 2020 Global Consumer Ingredient Perception Research- January 2020, France, Germany, UK
International Food Information Council Foundation, 2019 Food & Health Survey, 2019
Mintel GNPD 2015-2019, food and beverage, new product launches with one or more of following claims on pack: Suitable for Diabetic, Diet/Light, Low/No/Reduced Calorie, Low/No/Reduced Carb, Low/No/Reduced Glycemic, Low/Reduced Sugar, No Added Sugar, Sugar Free claim on pack
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In the latest episode of Behind The Leaf, our host Greet Vandeputte will be joined by Ieva Laurie of Tate & Lyle’s regulatory team and Technical Service Managers Martina Braskova and Amy Jackson. Our experts will share insights on managing sugar taxes, Nutriscore goals, and other front-of-pack labelling challenges.

Listen to this BEHIND THE LEAF stevia podcast episode with host Marina Di Migueli, who will be joined by Beth Nieman Hacker, Director of Global Market Research, Tate & Lyle; and Emma Schofield, Associate Director Global Food Science, Mintel. They will discuss how ongoing consumer education around stevia can help it succeed as an ingredient in clean-label, natural and even plant-based foods.

Product formulators need the right mix of ingredients to hit the right taste notes while also delivering on mouthfeel and texture. In this BEHIND THE LEAF stevia podcast episode, two Tate & Lyle experts discuss innovations in sweeteners, soluble fibres and other ingredients that help product formulators strike balanced, effective solutions.

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The Nutrition Centre Podcast

Our Global Nutrition team's Melissa Kaczmarczyk, looking behind the scenes at how we're Improving Lives for Generations for consumers and our customers. Melissa talks to customers, colleagues and research partners about the varying ways nutrition impacts their roles. 

Nutrition Centre Podcast episodes

Our host Melissa Kaczmarczyk, Principal Scientist for North America, Global Nutrition, speaks to Kristie Du of PepsiCo, about how our respective nutrition teams work together to meet customer expectations. 

In this new Nutrition Centre podcast segment, Melissa introduces us to Tate & Lyle's only in-house chef! Meet Christine and discover her role in innovating and shaping how we help our customers meet consumer trends. 

Melissa and Christine are back with Nutritious & Delicious, Ep2! This time Christine has picked a sweet treat from Brazil to focus on, sharing with us how she'd go about reformulating a traditional Brazilian favourite, carrot cake with a brigadeiro filling, utilising our Tate & Lyle ingredients to reduce sugar and calories, optimize texture, and support positive nutrition with added fibre claims!

Melissa is joined by her fellow-Nutrition team colleague Ieva Laurie, and Cronan McNamara from Creme Global, discussing our peer reviewed health and nutrition data modelling study into the effects of reformulating everyday foods with added fibre.

How can we connect with younger generations on nutrition and healthier eating? Nutrition Scientist Thomas Teh speaks to one of our graduate trainees based in Singapore about the challenges and opportunities.

Meet Jesse. He is a third-year biomedical student at Maastricht University in the Netherlands. Last summer he spent some time with Tate & Lyle as an intern with our Nutrition team. Combining his studies with his keen interest in sports, here he talks to Melissa about his time and Tate & Lyle, and his focus: the role nutrition plays in sport, and the link between gut health and exercise.

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