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New training modules on low and no calorie sweeteners


Confused about low and no calorie sweeteners? Have you heard a lot of mixed messages in the media? It can be confusing!

Despite being some of the most researched ingredients in the world, mixed messages are still being communicated around the safety and benefits of sweeteners. It may seem impossible to weed through seemingly contradictory reports and know what is true.

LNCS training modules

We are here to help! The Tate and Lyle Nutrition Centre has just launched a new science-based training series on low and no calorie sweeteners.

Here’s a glance at what you will find in each of the 3 modules:

Module 1:

The first module begins with the basics on sweet taste, sugar and the history of sweeteners. It then goes a little deeper into what exactly sweeteners are, how they are metabolised and absorbed and how they differ from each other. The module ends with how sweeteners are assessed and evaluated for safety.

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Module 2:

The second module explores the benefits of sweeteners including energy intake, weight management, glucose control, and oral health providing supporting science for each area. The module then provides insight and global recommendations on sweeteners from health agencies around the world.

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Module 3:

The final module provides a look at how sweeteners are perceived by both consumers and health professionals. It then goes a further, exploring what is driving those perceptions, breaking apart some of the misconceptions using evidence-based research.

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