PromOat® Beta Glucan

PromOat® Beta Glucan is a soluble oat bran fibre, extracted from wholegrain oats without the use of chemicals.

Introduction to Beta Glucan
Also known as
Beta Glucan, beta-glucan, soluble oat bran fibre, β-glucan

PromOat® Beta Glucan is a soluble oat bran fibre, extracted from wholegrain oats without the use of chemicals. PromOat® is a source of beta glucan, the dietary fibre in oat bran that provides important functional and health benefits. In the body, oat beta glucan helps to maintain healthy blood cholesterol levels. PromOat® Beta Glucan can give consumers access to heart-healthy foods and beverages. Its beta glucan content is 32% or greater, which makes it easy to achieve daily dosages required for specific health benefit claims. It is a versatile functional ingredient, appealing to consumers and manufacturers alike.

PromOat® Beta Glucan is a clean-label fibre from popular oats; it is soluble, clean-tasting, and neutral in colour. Not only can it be used in food and beverage formulations for its beneficial health effects, it can also thicken and stabilise emulsions, and impart an indulgent creamy mouthfeel.

Our non-GMO ingredients offer the same functionality as their traditional counterparts without compromising on taste or texture, meaning you can offer your consumers everything they’re looking for in the foods and beverages they love.

PromOat® Beta Glucan is available globally
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PromOat® Beta Glucan is a natural clean-label ingredient, enabling manufacturers to incorporate the goodness of oats into a wide range of foods, drinks and dietary supplements. PromOat® Beta Glucan may be used to help create clean-label and reduced-fat/calorie products.

PromOat® Beta Glucan offers unique positioning benefits and attractive labelling options in cookies, crackers, muffins and bread. PromOat® Beta Glucan is a unique soluble fibre that is clean tasting and neutral in colour, and ideal as a functional ingredient that can be used in baked or extruded products.

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PromOat® Beta Glucan is water-soluble and free from graininess or grittiness, ideal for use in smoothies, fruit juices, milk drinks and powdered drinks with health and functional benefits.

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PromOat® Beta Glucan can give the extra touch to granolas, extruded cereals and porridges to make them stand out from the crowd.

PromOat® Beta Glucan is ideal for use in dietary supplements for heart health or weight management.

PromOat® Beta Glucan can help add a premium heart health claim and a smooth velvety texture to soups, and helps to formulate indulgent creamy emulsified sauces.

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How we apply PromOat® Beta Glucan

PromOat® Beta Glucan is soluble and has strong water-binding and emulsifying properties, creating a smooth texture and creamy mouthfeel in a variety of products. A natural component of wholegrain non-GM Swedish oats, it can be applied in ‘clean label’ products for its texturant or nutritional properties. It can be applied in a variety of formulations, combined with other sweeteners and health and wellness ingredients from our food and beverage solutions range.

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