Caring for our planet

Our ingredients come largely from agricultural crops, principally corn. We produce them mainly at large-volume corn wet mills, and also at smaller blending facilities. Wherever we are in the process, from field to customer, our priorities are safety, quality and consideration for the environment.

Our 2018 data shows we have reduced the following since 2008:


Reduced energy use per tonne of production by 4.5%


Reduced CO2e emissions per tonne of production by 20.4%


Reduced water use per tonne of production by 1.7%


Reduced waste to landfill per tonne of production by 10.9%
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Key environmental highlights from the 2020 Annual Report

We measure our environmental footprint in terms of our energy use, our water use and our generation of waste. While we consider our impacts principally within our own operations, we are expanding our focus to include sustainable agriculture, particularly for our principal raw material, corn.

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We want to play a positive role in the communities around us, changing lives for the better through our local and global community progammes and volunteering.

Health and Safety

Safety comes first, both for our employees and for everyone who comes to our sites.


We believe that everyone at Tate & Lyle should be safe, respected and fairly treated.