Tate & Lyle celebrates 150 year anniversary of Koog, the plant that revolutionised the starch production industry

19 June 2017
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In 2017 Tate & Lyle celebrates the 150 year anniversary of its Koog aan de Zaan (“Koog”) production facility in the Netherlands.

Health considerations increasingly drives consumer decisions in Chinese dairy category

17 March 2017
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Trends and insights
Chinese consumers increasingly make dairy purchase decisions based on health benefits. Products with a lower fat content, reduced calories and added fibre, that maintain a luxurious texture, enable customers to address a variety of health and wellness concerns. Products with a lower fat content...

Tate & Lyle Extends Clean-Label Portfolio with CLARIA Delight Tapioca-Based Starches at IFT Food Expo

15 July 2016
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Tate & Lyle line extension enables manufacturers around the world to formulate products with cleaner labels while maintaining excellent taste, texture, colour and performance.

Tate & Lyle Delivers Extraordinary Eating Experiences at IFT Food Expo

08 July 2016
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IFT Trade show booth 2016
Attendees to enjoy artisan inspired bites, featuring a sweet street taco with new CLARIA® Delight.

Tate & Lyle Is Making Food Extraordinary at IFT with ‘Classic Meets Trending’ Menu

09 July 2015
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Attendees to enjoy healthier twist on culinary classics as homage to IFT 75th anniversary, featuring a root beer craft soda sweetened with new DOLCIA PRIMA® Allulose.

Tate & Lyle Introduces New CLARIA® Functional Clean-Label Starches with High Performance and Great Taste

30 September 2014
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Proprietary technology of CLARIA Functional Clean-Label Starches empowers manufacturers globally to formulate label-friendly products without compromising quality.