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Our heritage

We have been helping to make food people love for over a century.

Our structure

Our Structure

The Tate & Lyle business is made up of two units: Speciality Food Ingredients and Bulk Ingredients.

Whilst dedicated to driving long-term growth across the business as a whole, our Speciality Food Ingredients is a key growth area right now.

Our global network of support services is structured around three clear areas: Innovation, Commercial Development and Global Operations. Innovation and Commercial Development combine product development, marketing and product management in one cohesive team, supporting our joined-up approach to developing and commercialising innovation.

Three People

Meet the people behind Tate & Lyle

Everyone at Tate & Lyle has an important role to play in delivering our strategy and making us an extraordinary company.

Our Markets

We work with some of the world’s best businesses across food, beverage and industrial markets. Whilst food and beverage manufacturers make up 75% of our total sales, we do have many customers in the industrial, animal feed, pharmaceutical and personal care markets.

Our areas of expertise

You’ll find our ingredients in products of most of the world’s top 100 food and beverage companies. We work directly with them and other customers to develop unique high-quality ingredients and solutions in partnership.

Speciality ingredients use smart technology or intellectual property that enhance our customers’ distinctive products and enable Tate & Lyle to reach a price premium and/or sustainable higher margins. Our customers in these markers value our technical and innovation expertise, insight and flexibility.

We work across the following categories in this market:

Sweeteners – SPLENDA®, Sucralose and crystalline fructose
Texturants – starch and gums
• Wellness ingredients – PROMITOR® dietary fibres, PromOat® Beta Glucan and SODA-LO Salt Microspheres.

In 2013 we acquired Biovelop, a Swedish manufacturer of oat beta glucan that formed Tate & Lyle Oat Ingredients representing our beta glucan specialities across food, beverage and personal care.

We also have a food systems business that sources ingredients and uses them to develop bespoke ingredient combinations for small to medium-sized customers.

Bulk ingredients are all fairly similar and include products such as high fructose, corn syrup and acidulants. They are largely sold in markets where customers value supplier reliability, quality and value.

Tate & Lyle have sold starches to the paper and board industry, ethanol to the fuel industry and acidulants to household goods manufacturers for many years.
More recently, we’ve expanded into developing bio-products such as Bio-PDO™, an ingredient commonly used in textiles and plastics.

Following the economic downturn in 2008, demand for industrial ingredients came under huge pressure and has continued to remain. Long-term, we believe the trend towards greener living and the replacement of petro chemicals will increase demand for industrial ingredients made from renewable sources such as our newer bio-products like Bio-PDO™.

Farmers and manufacturers of feed for livestock, fish and pets are important customers for the by-products of our production processes. By products such as corn gluten meal and corn gluten feed are sold to many customers in Europe and the Americas and help us to reduce the net cost of our raw materials.

A smaller market for Tate & Lyle, we expect pharmaceutical and personal care to grow in future but to stay relatively small in terms of the proportion of our total sales.

We currently sell two speciality ingredients to this market: Zemea™ for cosmetics and creams through our joint venture DuPont Tate & Lyle BioProducts and SPLENDA® Sucralose (for oral care products and to sweeten low calorie medicines).

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Latest News

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