Technical expertise 

Making food extraordinary demands an exceptional technological environment. So whether you’re making chewing gum or crème brûlée, you can be assured we have the experience and equipment to develop, test and deliver products consumers will adore.

Person working in one of our applications labs

Our applications labs have small-scale equipment to make trial batches – that can then be scaled up in our pilot plants 

Through our network of research and applications labs and pilot plants, we work closely with customers all over the world to develop ideas and products for consumers today and tomorrow. Customers are as welcome in these facilities as they are in our manufacturing plants.

Our applications labs have small-scale equipment to make trial batches – that can then be scaled up in our pilot plants.

Research labs

As well as standard analytical tools, our labs are equipped with microscopy, spectrometers, Rapid Visco Analysers and other advanced systems.
We also have a range of speciality analytical techniques that give a precise profile of the physical and chemical properties of our ingredients and products:

Our analytical chemists work on developing new methods, as well as implementing those already approved by the scientific community. And they work closely with our quality teams, in the drive to make really great ingredients for our customers.

Applications labs

Our product formulators and application specialists can take your product from a written brief to prototype at high speed, while ensuring excellent quality.

That’s where our applications labs come in. Located in countries such as US, France, Germany, UK, Australia, Singapore, China, South Africa, Brazil and Mexico, each lab is staffed by technical experts with a deep understanding of local tastes and needs.

The labs are equipped to make prototypes, and test ingredients and products, in line with local market and regulatory conditions. This helps us show how our ingredients will perform in your products – and develop solutions to any problems that arise. Customers particularly appreciate the chance to use the labs’ kitchen facilities and sensory rooms.

Pilot plants

When you’re investing in a new product, you want to be sure it’s going to work. Scaling up and testing formulations and ideas at our pilot plants will assess the feasibility of new processes, products and technology, allowing you to get it right before you install commercial processes. You can also try out experimental products in volumes that are too small for commercial facilities, but too large for labs.

We can run operations as simple as evaluating a single piece of equipment: or scale up to something as complex as a totally new manufacturing process.

Technical Services

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