Technical expertise and facilities 

Benefit from technical know-how and state-of-the-art equipment through our network of research labs, application labs and pilot plants. Our food design and application specialists, chemists, food scientists and process engineers work with customers from all over the world, helping them develop ideas and products for the consumers of tomorrow.

Person working in one of our applications labs

Our applications labs have small-scale equipment to make all kinds of things 

Research labs
We offer all the basic analytical tools you’d expect, along with more advanced systems such as microscopy, spectrometers and Rapid Visco Analysers. We also have a range of speciality analytical techniques that provide a precise understanding and quantification of the physical and chemical properties of our ingredients and products (particle size analysers, controlled stress rheometers, texture analysers, liquid chromatography systems, Thermo Gravimetric Analysis and Differential Scanning Calorimetry).

Our analytical chemists work on developing new methods as well as implementing methods already approved by the scientific community. And they work closely with our quality people to ensure that our product quality is always the best.

Applications labs
Speed is essential when launching a new product. Using the resources of our applications labs, including kitchen facilities and sensory rooms, our product formulators and application specialists can take your product from a written brief to prototype at high speed, while ensuring excellent quality.

We have eight regional applications labs in China, France, India, Germany, Argentina, Australia, South Africa and the US. With our regional technical experts, you will not only get ingredients know-how, but also a thorough understanding of local consumer expectations. 

Our applications labs have small-scale equipment to make a wide range of products.  Each has equipment to make prototypes and do testing on products relevant to where they are in the world. Having lab-scale equipment allows us to test our ingredients and develop real-world solutions. We can better predict how things will work in your product and help with trouble shooting. So whether you are making chewing gum or breakfast cereal, we have the experience and the equipment to help.

Pilot plants
When you’re investing in a new product, you want to be sure it’s going to work. Scaling up and testing formulations and ideas at our pilot plants will assess the feasibility of new processes, new products and new technology, allowing you to get it right before you install commercial processes. You can also try out experimental products in volumes that are too small for commercial facilities, but too large for labs.

We can run operations as simple as evaluating a single piece of equipment such as a dryer. Or we can scale up to something as complex as a totally new manufacturing process. 

Technical Services

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