Technical Services 

Our technical service team consists of entrepreneurial food scientists and technologists with a wealth of experience in ingredients and applications. With access to applications labs across the world, we can work with you wherever you are.

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We are always available to visit your offices or laboratories and discuss the critical elements of the project brief 

We are always available to visit your offices or laboratories and discuss the critical elements of the project brief. We can then offer a number of options to accelerate the launch of your concept, ranging from the right ingredient or set of ingredients, to detailed formulations that match your project criteria.

Helping you to develop new foods and drinks is only part of what we can do. Technical service is a gateway to the wider Tate & Lyle research community. To anticipate your future ingredient needs we can connect you to our nutrition experts, with whom you can discuss the results of our latest clinical study, or to our research scientists working on new fibres. This ensures that your needs are at the heart of our longer-term development plans.

Technical expertise and facilities

Lacking fiber? Ask Technical Services

Lacking fiber? Ask Technical Services

Meeting consumers’ expectations is crucial for our customers. For our Food Technical Services team, that means constantly watching consumer trends – like the demand for high fiber – and giving customers ingredients to match.

“We assist customers in formulating good-tasting products that deliver,” says Joni Simms, Associate Director, Food Ingredients Technical Service, Americas. “For example, many foods that are identified on package as containing whole grains offer only one or two grams of fiber per serving, which is lower than expected.  With the successful formulation of our fibers into products like pasta, cereals, and snack crackers, the fiber content can double or triple, lining up with consumer expectations.  These levels also allow manufacturers the opportunity to make content claims such as ‘excellent source of fiber’.”

Still following the consumer trend, Technical Services helps customers with drinks as well as food. “We can add fiber invisibly to clear beverages such as juices and flavored water,” adds Joni.