Knowledge of ingredients 

We know everything there is to know about our individual ingredients. And this includes how they can be used individually or in combinations – including with ingredients not from Tate & Lyle – to enhance commercial products. Our application experts can help you make better use of all your ingredients, whether you’re making a ranch salad dressing or a blueberry muffin.

Man in laboratory

Our application experts can help you to make better use of all your ingredients  

The power of many ingredients
Tate & Lyle has a vast portfolio of ingredients. With both nutritive and non-nutritive sweeteners, starches and gums, acids, flavourings and a variety of wellness ingredients, we not only understand how individual ingredients work, but how they work together. This allows us to develop the ideal recipe for any requirement.

Ingredients for tomorrow’s consumers
As consumer needs evolve, new ingredients will be required. We have development teams dedicated to the four key areas we believe will provide the successful products of tomorrow: wellness, texturants, sweeteners, and biomaterials. All of these are areas in which we have traditionally led the market – and we intend to continue, taking our customers with us.

Consumer Reseach

Gut reaction – the science behind the health claims

Gut reaction – the science behind the health claims

Our customers want to make health claims for their products – which means our ingredients must reach them with the highest scientific credentials. “Health claim legislation in Europe is changing, and we have to adapt,” says Priscilla Samuel, Director of Nutrition. “That’s why we set the highest standards. We ‘conduct state-of-the-art’ clinical studies using ‘gold standard’ techniques to measure the health benefits – so our claims will stand up in any regulatory environment.” 

Priscilla commissions research by independent, well recognised scientists to ensure that our health claims meet international standards. And, unlike most other ingredient manufacturers, we investigate what consumers want from our customers, so we can better anticipate demand. 
A new health trend concerns the power of the bacteria in our gut - recently scientists tied gut bacteria to obesity and diabetes. “It is increasingly clear that gut bacteria play an important role in the physiology of the body,” Priscilla adds. “With the fibres we make, which are food for the bacteria, we may be able to influence that.”