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FRUCTOPURE® fructose is a nutritive sweetener made from corn by undergoing enzymatic processing, producing a sweeter compound containing higher levels of fructose. Pure fructose is the sweetest of all naturally-occurring sugars.  The high relative sweetness and low glycaemic index of fructose make it ideal for use in reduced-sugar recipes. It is label-friendly, and available in dry and liquid forms.

Naturally sweet – the consumer’s favourite 

A clear majority of European consumers see fructose – which is found in fruit, berries, vegetables and honey – as a natural sweetener and it is a popular nutritive sweetener amongst consumers. *

* Source: Haris Interactive Tate & Lyle ingredients perception research 2009


Form Fructose on ds (%) Granulometry  DS %
Fructopure 500 Crystalline Min 99.5 Medium -
Fructopure 700 Crystalline Min 99.5 Coarse -
Fructopure 211 Liquid Min 95 - 70.5
Fructopure 810 Liquid Min 99 - 70.5
Fructopure 260 Liquid Min 95 - 80
Fructopure 860 Liquid Min 99 - 80

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