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Native starches are starch granules which have been isolated from plant source without altering their chemical structure.  We offer a variety of quality native starches made from dent, waxy corn and tapioca.


Starches as they occur in the plant 

We meticulously isolate our native starches from the plant source without altering their chemical structure. This gives you the truest performance of starches from corn, waxy corn or tapioca. For superior thickening and dry mix moisture control plus cleaner labels, our native starches are the answer.

Native Starches 

Our brands Description Key applications
MERIZET™ Native dent or waxy maize starches Convenience, bakery, dairy, gravies & sauces,  pharmaceutical tablets
Pure food powder Native dent starch Convenience, bakery, dairy, gravies & sauces
REDRIED Native dent starches Bakery mixes, dry mixes
TAPICOA #1 Native tapioca starches Convenience, bakery mixes, extruded snacks, cheese sauces, gravies
WAXY ®#1 Native waxy maize starch Bakery filling, batter & breading, cheese sauces, gravies & sauces
 CANNERS TF Native dent starch Canned foods & soup
STA-RX® NF Native dent starch Pharmaceutical tablets

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