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CORNPRO® corn gluten meal is a multi-functional, high-protein ingredient, and a valuable source of the amino acid methionine in feeds for livestock, pets and fish. It complements other common protein sources, such as soybean meal. Corn gluten meal is extracted from corn kernels after the larger part of the starch and germ have been separated during the milling process.

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Ideal for animal feeds 

CORNPRO® corn gluten meal is ideal for use in a broad range of high-quality animal feeds because it is easy to digest and is low in ash, potassium, and sodium. It is also a valuable source of non–allergenic proteins and essential methionine. CORNPRO® has natural yellow pigments and is available to feed manufacturers as a yellow powder or granulate.

Inclusion levels in feed (%) 

Animal type CORNPRO
Ruminants  2 - 5
Calves  2 - 5
Pigs / sows  2 - 5
Piglets  2 - 5
Poultry Broiler
 2 - 10
 2 - 10
Aquaculture 10 - 25
Pets 10 - 25
Mink 10 - 25

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