CORNGOLD® Corn Gluten Feed

CORNGOLD® Corn Gluten Feed is versatile and fibre-rich, the ideal nutritional ingredient for your animal feed applications.

CORNGOLD® Corn Gluten Feed
Also known as
Animal feed

A nutritious mix of corn protein, starch and fibre, corn gluten feed is a natural by-product of the corn wet milling process. CORNGOLD® Corn Gluten Feed is a readily available ingredient, ideal for use in animal feed product ranges.

CORNGOLD® Corn Gluten Feed is a cost-effective alternative to grain for ruminants. Moist CORNGOLD® Corn Gluten Feed can replace high quality corn silage, helping you produce a highly palatable feed for your livestock. Its high fibre content supports ruminant fermentation and adds fibre to both pig and poultry feeds as well as pet foods.

CORNGOLD® Corn Gluten Feed is available in:
2 Regions
  • North America
  • Europe, Middle East and Africa

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CORNGOLD® Corn Gluten Applications

CORNGOLD® Corn Gluten Feed is a cost-effective, flexible alternative to grain and compound feed for ruminants. The natural presence of fibre, proteins and starch helps to improve fermentation within the rumen.

CORNGOLD® Corn Gluten Feed contains glucogenic and aminogenic nutrients, essential for achieving good milk yields.

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CORNGOLD® Corn Gluten Feed provides natural corn fibre alongside starch, protein, organic acid, vitamins and minerals in pigs’ diets.

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CORNGOLD® Corn Gluten Feed is a cost-effective way to supplement poultry feed with fibre, starch and protein to produce a high-quality, corn-based feed.

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A nutrient-rich, raw material, CORNGOLD® Corn Gluten Feed is used as a fibre component of dog food. Its light cream colour is ideal for pet food pellets.

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